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History Teachers Talking is a bimonthly podcast dedicated to providing you with an entertaining way to learn about history from your friendly neighborhood history teachers. Every weekend, Thomas Reszka and Peter Zablocki will talk to you about random history, pop culture, politics, and education in a way that sounds like you are sitting in the classroom having a fun discussion with your favorite teacher. The conversation is always very straightforward, light-hearted, and easy to follow. 

HTTP Lectures = History Shorts!

From the History Teachers Talking comes a new weekly "short." Historian and author Peter Zablocki shares his research into the little-known and hidden-in-plain-sight historical curiosities you probably have yet to hear of. All in the little time you probably do not have. 

What People Are Saying

Great Listen. So Educational, informative, and fun, covering lots of different topics; very enjoyable so happy I stumbled upon the history teachers podcast!

Brilliantly Informative. Covering a wide range of multi-faceted topics in history, this podcast not only delivers insightful perspectives on historical events but does so in an easy-to-understand, conversational style. Thank you for encouraging a love for history!

Watergate Episode. Nice job on the Watergate episode. Sums up so much but also motivates one to take a deeper look at this shameful time in our history. As a 62-year-old, I appreciate you! 


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