Tom and Peter met in history class back in college and have become best friends and entered the workforce as history teachers back in 2005. While Tom has since moved on to administration and Peter transitioned into higher education and research, they have taken the inspiration for their podcast from their time in the classroom.

Thomas Reszka

Teacher, Podcaster, and School Administrator. Tom had taught history for 19 years, including courses in World History, Ancient Civilization, World Cultures, Western Civilization, United States History I and II, Sociology, Law and Justice, Advanced Placement Government and Civics, and Advanced Placement United States History.

He is an administrator of his school district's history department and oversees the curriculum development and pedagogy of over thirty High School and Middle School teachers.  

Peter Zablocki

Historian, Author, Professor, Podcaster. Peter had taught for 19 years, including courses in World History, Military History, Sociology, Advanced Placement United States History I and II, Advanced Placement Seminar and Research, and International Baccalaureate High-Level History: America and the World. He is currently a professor of History at Sussex County Community College in New Jersey and the President of the Denville Historical Society, Museum, and Research Center in his hometown of Denville, New Jersey. 

Peter is a published author of numerous books and articles pertaining to history.